More Personal Means More Valuable

Today’s customers expect personalized communications. Brands that personalize messages see increased results and ROI. So are you able to meet customer expectations and get better results by personalizing the majority of your messages using what you know about your customers in every lifecycle stage  — at scale? If the answer is “not yet” we can help.

Go (Way) Beyond Adding Their First Name

Update text, media and buttons in your messages on the fly based on user attributes and behavior — where they’re located, what they’ve purchased, their preferences and more.

Personalize at Scale

When it’s easier to personalize messages, you’ll do it more. And when you do, every message becomes more valuable to your customers — and results in more engagement and ROI. It’s a win/win. Our marketer-friendly composer and out-of-the-box templates make it easy to make every message more meaningful.

Personalize Seamlessly Across Channels

When you use a single user ID to identify users, your can personalize messages consistently across channels — including  like SMS, push notifications, web notifications,  email and beyond.


Key Features

  • Dynamic Content
  • Cross-Channel
  • Customizable HTML Templates
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • List Management
  • Open API
  • Location Triggers

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