Predicting User Churn & Mobile App Retention Benchmarks

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Webinar Recording

Tackle the #1 Factor Impacting App Audience Growth

When marketers don’t message new opt-in app users, they waste $.95 cents of every dollar spent acquiring them since only 5% continue to use those apps 90 days later. Considering the cold-hard cash that goes into app user acquisition, let’s focus on how you can keep them.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • New user retention data details the impact of messaging at different intervals in the app user lifecycle, including findings specific to key industry verticals
  • Recommendations on when & what to message to increase new user retention rates
  • An understanding of how predictive churn software works, and how you can identify users at-risk and take action while there’s still time


  • Bill Schneider, Senior Director, Product Marketing
  • Neel Banerjee, Senior Product Manager