Why Brand Continuity is Critical in the Digital Age

Featuring John Gregory, Global Category Development Officer for Retail, QSR and Travel

Welcome to this week’s episode of Masters of Max with host Tom Butta. Today, Tom is joined by John Gregory, a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning retail, media, and digital. John has worked with renowned brands like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, AOL, Pandora, and Spotify.

Throughout the conversation, John emphasizes the importance of brand continuity and delivering a remarkable and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. He highlights the value of personalization and leveraging listener data in mobile app experiences to create engaging and relevant interactions. John also discusses the significance of balancing performance-oriented marketing with brand marketing to attract new audiences.

He advises companies to focus on innovation, experimentation, and staying flexible in the ever-changing digital landscape. Overall, this interview provides universal insights and advice for any brand seeking to improve their mobile engagement and app offerings. John’s extensive experience makes this interview a must-listen for any company looking to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.