Reimagine Retail

Featuring Martin Granström, VP Head of Product Design & Research

Welcome to this week’s episode of Masters of Max, this time featuring an exciting conversation with Martin Granström, head of design for retail giant Sam’s Club. With a 20+ years career in product design and UX, Martin’s journey has taken him from implementing error handling systems for nuclear plants to leading design teams at Sony Mobile, and now to redefining the retail experience at Sam’s Club.

Offering a unique perception into the evolving world of physical and digital design, Martin discusses driving innovation through both cross functional teams and customer-focused problem solving. He emphasizes the importance of combining physical and digital design to create holistic experiences for customers where every element of interaction feels cohesive and intuitive.

Martin unveils ‘Clubhouse’, a design studio space that emphasizes physical prototyping and testing, allowing rapid implementation across all facets of the customer experience. Clubhouse not only brings innovation to life but democratises it by providing a tool and a space that belongs to everyone in Sam’s Club, promoting innovation by functionally enhancing both linear and lateral thinking.

Towards the end of the interview, valuable insights are shared for businesses aiming to enhance their mobile engagement and app offerings. Martin suggests that instead of focusing efforts on fixed high-sales seasons, businesses should strive to meet customer needs throughout the year, making every interaction count. Having dedicated design teams in-house allows for greater control and continuous innovation, ultimately resulting in a better, personalised user experience.