The Way to Master Mobile App Experiences

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Mastering MAXTM is a step-by-step progression, from implementing basic elements to developing advanced app experiences. Taking Airship’s Maturity Assessment is your first step. It’s how you can measure and understand your current state of maturity and learn how to deliver world-class experiences.

In this webinar, Airship’s Lead Strategic Consultant, Ammi White, and Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Emma Patterson, walk you through the customer app lifecycle, the six functional and operational dimensions of MAX, and our framework for driving customer value inside and outside the app™.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the following:

  • MAX Pre-check – Why you need to excel throughout the customer app lifecycle
  • Chasm of No Return – Why it’s important to keep customers engaged
  • 6 MAX Dimensions – How we assess performance
  • 4 Levels of MAX Maturity – How we rank performance
  • Plot Your Position – How you self-score
  • Your Score/s – Your dimensional and overall scores
  • Recommendations – How we provide recommendations tailored to your scores
  • Airship Strategic Services – How we can help

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