The Mobile Consumer: Enhancing Shopper Value in 2023

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Our recent global consumer survey found that consumers turn to mobile apps primarily to simplify their lives. Yet challenges persist: most consumers use apps only once or twice before deciding whether to delete them.

The majority of consumers — 74% — are turning to retailers’ mobile apps to streamline in-store shopping experiences. Of all the ways shoppers use smartphones in stores, using the retailer’s app has grown the most year-over-year.

Watch the session to learn more about the very different motivations behind consumers’ retail app usage — from the desire to save time and simplify their lives to saving money and earning rewards — and how brands can use these motivations to expand customer understanding and create greater value.

You will learn:

  • Why consumers continue to turn to retail apps and what leads them to delete apps
  • What personal information consumers are willing to share with brands
  • How consumers use smartphones while shopping in-store
  • How to unlock the full value of the holiday season with real-world data from hundreds of retailers

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