Navigating 2024 Sports & Politics to Drive Engagement

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2024 is set to be one of the biggest years yet in politics and sport, with elections taking place across the globe, the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany and the Monaco Grand Prix.

To stay ahead of these diverse and exciting events, brands must provide their audiences with relevant and timely information, or risk losing their attention.

Watch the webinar to hear topical insights and advice on how to craft personalized and impactful messages that reflect the world in 2024, while leveraging data insights in crucial moments.

Learn how to:

  • Understand your audience better through first- and zero-party data collection
  • Establish communication preferences in line with privacy and regulatory requirements
  • Apply segmentation to personalize communications
  • Leverage customer data to navigate major world events 
  • Create engaging campaigns where the speed of push is paramount! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate the way you connect with your audience ahead of the 2024 events across the globe.

Watch it now!


Dan Weis
VP of Product Management

Dino Michetti
GM of Customer Success