Got ROI? How Top Brands Are Proving the Bottom-Line Value of Their Customer Engagement Strategies

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“I know the messages we send to customers get results. But how can I prove it?”  

Sound familiar? Ever wish you could know and show — down to the individual message — what strategies and tactics lead directly to increased revenue? Join the club. Many brands struggle to move from guesstimating to pinpointing the specific ROI on their customer messaging and engagement strategies. But it is possible!

In this webinar, Airship’s data experts Neel Banerjee and Phil West will:

  • Detail how leading brands are pinpointing and expanding the value of their customer engagement campaigns — on mobile and across channels
  • Walk through some of the most common obstacles to measuring ROI — and how to get around them
  • Explain how to lead key stakeholders in your organization to shifting focus from measuring “opens” to measuring the high value actions that resulted from those opens, so you can double down on what’s working and drive exponential results.