Infillion + Airship: Personalization and Privacy at Cannes Lions


The demand for personalized messaging is on the rise, yet consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about when, how and why they share their personal information with brands. Consumers want brands to know them (“cool”), but not too much (“creepy”). As first-party data takes center stage, it’s crucial for brands to strike the right balance between relevance and privacy. 

The Cannes Lions “Personalization and Privacy” panel saw Airship Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Thomas Butta, Infillion CMO Laurel Rossi, and Vayner X EVP Zubin Mowlavi engage in a stimulating discussion, moderated by Bain & Company Partner Maureen Burns. The panel focused on the effective tactics and approach necessary for brands of all sizes to continually optimize relevance and customer experience, while respecting privacy. The conversation also featured the unveiling of new research by Airship that delved into 11,000 global consumers’ preferences regarding brand interactions — ranging from the most useful forms of personalization to the factors influencing app retention and deletion. 

Watch now as the panel explores the evolving dynamic of personalized messaging and privacy and the challenge marketers face achieving the delicate balance between them.