Cross-Channel Messaging with Marketing Orchestration – A Product Walkthrough

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Take the guesswork out of delivering highly relevant cross-channel messages that customers will welcome. Airship’s AI marketing orchestration uses machine learning and preference-based orchestration rules to make it easy and more automated for marketers to drive higher engagement and better business outcomes.

Join Solutions Engineer Matt Price for a live walk through of the Airship Customer Engagement Platform.

In the webinar, you will see our orchestration solution in action:

  • Fan out orchestration makes it easy to send critical, time-sensitive messages to all of a customer’s available channels including app, web, SMS, and email.
  • Priority channel with automated fallback allows marketers to prioritize channels for the best user experience and lowest cost, with fallback ensuring users are reached on their highest priority opted-in channel.
  • Last active orchestration eliminates concerns of over-messaging with delivery to a user’s last active channel.
  • Optimal send time allows you to deliver notifications at the precise moment an individual is most likely to engage.