Transcending Traditional Boundaries in Marketing

Michael Kassan, Founder & CEO of MediaLink

In today’s episode of Masters of MAX, Tom is joined by an amazing guest, Michael Kassan, Michael is the founder, chairman, and CEO of MediaLink, the media and marketing industry’s most trusted and connected strategic advisory firm, specializing in identifying areas of opportunity, optimization, and ultimately growth for its clients. 

Michael is an absolute veteran in the industry, having worked with executives at brand companies across various spaces. On the show, he emphasizes the importance of being a good storyteller as a CMO both externally to customers and internally to leadership and finance teams. Michael believes that the role of the CMO has evolved beyond just marketing, and now includes responsibilities in growth, communications, and product.

Michael acknowledges that mobile app consumers are highly valuable to brands and stresses the need for brands to be involved in the creation of content, rather than just supplying commercial messages. He believes that purpose-driven marketing and content creation can have a significant impact on both brand growth and cultural change. Overall, this conversation provides valuable insights into the role of the CMO, the importance of storytelling and customer experience in marketing, and the evolving landscape of mobile apps and brand content creation.