The Power of Connection

Featuring Zach Greenberger, Chief Business Officer of Lyft

In this episode of Masters of MAX, host Tom Butta welcomes Zach Greenberger, the Chief Business Officer and Head of Partner Experience at Lyft. Zach provides insights into Lyft’s strategies aimed at enhancing customer experiences and building lasting trust with both drivers and riders.

Throughout their conversation, Tom and Zach discuss Lyft’s focus on creating value and connectivity for both riders and drivers, such as innovative features like Women+ Connect, which increases drivers’ chances of matching with more women and nonbinary riders. These initiatives not only cater to user needs but also deepen the emotional connection with the brand by integrating new technologies and ad-tech solutions into the customer journey. 

Zach also explains how the company’s understanding of first-party data allows for contextually relevant advertising, enhancing rider experiences without being interruptive. He touches on the strategic partnerships and tools Lyft employs to encourage people to get out of their homes, combating the loneliness epidemic by linking them with experiences and destinations. 

Finally, Zach offers valuable advice for businesses looking to master mobile app experiences, emphasizing the importance of frictionless, user-centric design. He showcases some of Lyft’s strategies for providing seamless interactions and highlights the power of live updates for real-time user engagement.