Predicting the Future of Winning Mobile App Trends

Featuring Lisa Joy Rosner

Today, Tom is joined by Lisa Joy Rosner, an award winning, patented CMO with over two decades of experience launching and/or turning around enterprise software companies. Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show, having managed teams of 500+ and budgets of $300M with revenues of $46B. 

In her conversation with Tom, Lisa shares how she views the mobile app as a key tool in the future as brands aim to strengthen their customer loyalty, engagement, and relationships. Whether it be through adding new features such as AR/VR, implementing AI to better predict exactly when a customer will need a daily product restocked, or asking personalization questions after trust has been established.

Additionally, Lisa and Tom discuss what exactly brands should focus on as the market continues to face uncertain times ahead. When the first instinct is typically to buckle down and operate as lean as possible, what’s often overlooked is what will then happen once the storm is over and you need to restart your engines.