Pizza to Platform: How Red’s Savoy Pizza Leverages Mobile to Bolster Brand Loyalty

Featuring CEO Reed Daniels

Today’s guest is Reed Daniels, the president and CEO of Red’s Savoy Pizza, a local Minnesota Pizza Restaurant known for its ‘Sota-style recipe. With over a decade of involvement in the business, Reed has a rich understanding of the industry, having acquired the brand in 2019 after holding positions as Director of Marketing and President.

Red’s Savoy Pizza has a storied history, beginning as a neighborhood joint and transforming into an entity with 19 units and growing. Reed attributes this colossal growth to building a solid marketing structure that introduced online ordering, gift cards, and a loyalty program.

The conversation highlights critical moments for businesses and the importance of leadership in navigating these periods. Talking about his experience during the government shutdown due to the pandemic, Reed emphasizes the importance of standing steadfast instead of giving in to panic. He identifies a company’s ability to evolve its technological tools to enhance customer experience as crucial to staying relevant and successful in today’s business environment. His practical example relates to the introduction of their app and how to evolve it from simply a rewards program app to an integrated tool that enhances customer experience.