Make Your App Rise Above the Noise

Featuring Jonathan Kay, Founder & CEO of Apptopia

In today’s episode, host Tom Butta interviews Jonathan Kay, the Founder & CEO of Apptopia, in a discussion that covers past and current trends in the app market, the changing landscape of app usage, and how we are shifting towards better integrated design and functionality. Apptopia is a web-based market data and intelligence solution for mobile application developers which was founded back in 2011.

Tom and Jonathan also explore the concept of mega apps, where brands consolidate multiple apps into one platform. While this approach allows brands to provide a more streamlined and convenient user experience, there are also times when it might be impossible to serve each of your unique customer profiles within one singular app. 

The interview further delves into how the economy impacts the mobile space, with Jonathan highlighting the trends observed in the travel, entertainment, and retail sectors. The results might be surprising as some key players have actually increased their usage and revenues during times of limited spending. Jonathan emphasizes the importance of brand loyalty and quality in a market driven by price-conscious consumers.