How Chipper Cash Is Empowering Millions of Users to Move Their Money Freely

Featuring Hasan Luongo, VP of Global Marketing

While apps are not new, an end-to-end focus on life after download™ is — and that’s where Masters of MAX: A Mobile App Experience Podcast can help. Every few weeks, executives and managers responsible for mobile apps can get the inside story on how brand leaders and experts are navigating the twisty path to mobile app experience mastery. In every episode, our guests will share their strategies, advice and hard lessons learned, helping to inspire and ignite others on their own MAX journeys.

Our first episode features Hasan Luongo, Vice President of Global Marketing for Chipper Cash, which is working to unlock financial barriers in Africa and beyond through its app-only approach. In this episode, Hasan talks with our host, Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Airship, about the challenges of being mobile-only in a world accustomed to conventional banking, the importance of trust in the finance space, and the critical role of transparent communications with customers.