Ensure Loyalty from Point A to Point B with Southwest Airlines

Featuring Jonathan Clarkson & Megan Self

On today’s episode, host Tom Butta is joined by two amazing guests from Southwest Airlines, Jonathan Clarkson, VP & Head of Marketing, and Megan Self, Senior Manager of Digital Experience. Needing no introduction, Southwest has consistently stood out from other airlines, and now aims to continue their deep focus on customer experience as they retool their mobile app for the future. 

Jonathan has been with Southwest for more than fifteen years, with prior experience at Pepsico, Pizza Hut, and Dr Pepper/Seven Up. Megan joined more recently back in 2019, but brings a wealth of experience to the team. In the conversation, you’ll hear how they view the Southwest mobile app as the way-finder to their customers’ flight paths, navigating them through each step of the process and providing them key, up to date details along the way. 

Additionally, listen for some of the ways Jonathan gauges customer engagement through each step of the process. With a lot of drive focused on the initial app download, there are other key milestones he outlines that you can’t leave behind when building everlasting brand loyalty.