Connecting Musicians Across the Globe with Vampr

Featuring Head of Insights Jessy Trengove

On this episode of Masters of MAX, join Tom Butta as he sits down with Jessy Trengove, Head of Insights for Vampr. Better known as the “LinkedIn for musicians,” Vampr is an fully mobile app focused on enabling both professional and amateur song makers to connect, collaborate, and create together. Since its inception back in 2015, the app has brokered over 7M connections worldwide, earning a spot on Fast Company’s list of Most Prestigious Companies in 2022.

Having joined Vampr back in 2020, Jessy was originally brought on to focus primarily on data analysis and marketing automations and has since grown to a more product-led role. In her conversation with Tom, Jessy outlines key strategies Vampr utilizes in engaging with customers, what new initiatives are on the horizon as they continue to build, and what makes their subscription model set up for success. 

Stick around to find out what mobile trends Jessy finds the most compelling and what app she absolutely couldn’t live without.