Can You Trust a Machine with Your Data?

Featuring Lior Gross, Director of Software Development

Today, host Tom Butta talks to Lior Gross, Director of Software Development at Caliente Interactive, also known as “Caliplay.” Caliplay is a leader in the regulated Mexican online casino and sports betting market with a focus on marketing and user experience. While you cannot download their mobile app quite yet, they’re the number one free sports app on the market in Mexico. 

Lior shares his experience as the first technical hire in the door when Caliente decided to pursue a joint venture with the organization, Playtech, and what he’s prioritized as he’s grown his team since. Tom learns how a natural collaboration between teams at Caliente has translated into a better overall customer experience and plugged up any knowledge gaps that may have existed in the past. 

Later on in the conversation, Tom and Lior discuss where they think AI might help or hinder mobile experiences for both consumers and brands. Lior shares where Caliente is looking to employ AI versus advanced algorithms, why there might need to be less data collected in the future, and how that data will probably be safer in the hands of a computer.