Benchmark Report

How Push Notifications Impact Media App Retention Rates

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A Benchmark Report Correlating Message Frequency to User Retention

Our latest benchmark report study answers the question: how do push notifications impact app retention rates?

In a first of its kind study, we analyzed the 90-days after first app open for 63 million new app users, comparing retention rates of those who received push notifications with those who did not. 

We uncovered surprising, and critical, insights as well as devised recommendations on how to keep users engaged and decrease user churn, as well as media-specific highlights.

Download the benchmark to learn:

  • The ideal push notification send frequency for media apps and the impact of messaging at different intervals in the app user lifecycle
  • Recommendations on when & what to message to increase new user retention rates
  • Key takeaways from the media vertical
  • How our Predictive AI solution works to identify users at risk for churn, allowing brands to take action before they’re gone