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Sneak Peek: Airship’s New Product — Embedded Content

Your mobile app customer experience is about to get enhanced with Airship’s new Embedded Content product feature. Learn how to elevate your customer experience with non-disruptive, personalized content that enriches engagement without the need for app updates.

Join Airship’s Lead Strategic Consultant Ammi White as she walks you through 3 key benefits:

  • New Non-disruptive Content: Learn how to embed interactive and personalized elements — such as video, gifs, and stories — directly into the mobile app to better attract and engage your audience.
  • Optimize Your Personalization Strategy: Uncover how to use embedded content to further personalize the customer experience based on customer behavior, preferences and previous interactions. 
  • Embedded Content Implementation: It’s simple! We’ll show you how to launch it right from your app experience editor without developer support.

What’s more … 

We have two other exciting product launches to talk to you about. Watch this LevelUp session now, exclusively for Airship customers, ahead of the public announcement!

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