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Context Builds Better Mobile Relationships

The ability to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right place will evolve in sophistication with smartphone technology. Get the free Forrester report to discover ideas that will advance your strategy.

Add Context with Location-Based Messaging

With Urban Airship Segments, you can improve mobile marketing effectiveness and develop those strong mobile user relationships by delivering personalized, targeted push messages to your app users based on everything you know about them:
  • Preferences: tags based on user self-identified characteristics
  • In-App Behavior: tags defined based on actions users have taken
  • Location: where they are now, as well as where they’ve been

How To Turn Location Into Loyalty

Through a simple user interface, select from 2.5 million predefined geofences and create business rules merging location and location history with in-app behaviors and preferences. Then, simply name and save the Segment. You can also define user Segments and push to them from within the app. You can send messages to a Segment as soon as you save it, or schedule messages to be sent later. After you save a Segment, its data is continually updated based on user behavior and location, so you can keep sending highly relevant messages that are perfectly in tune with your audience. Segments captures and stores location information over time versus at a single point in time.


Add Segments to your Push Notifications and you’ll be able to:
  • ENGAGE: Increase time in app and mobile user sessions by sending timely, relevant messages based on more precise targeting
  • CONVERT: Drive more sales and conversions based on customer preferences and detailed location history
  • BUILD LOYALTY: Provide value-added information and offers to your best customers while they are on the go with always up-to-date location profiles
  • STREAMLINE: Easy for marketers to use, easy for developers to integrate and automate


  • Industry-leading Location Information
  • 2.5M pre-defined location boundaries (geofences) simplify complex location information), including: City, County, ZIP/Postal Code, State, Country
  • School Districts, Voting Precinct, Federal/State Legislative Districts
  • Metropolitan Area, Time Zone, Nielsen DMA™, Neighborhood
  • Hyper-local location boundaries such as stadiums, parks, venues, and more
  • Ability to load custom datasets (sales territories, special events, point+radius sets)
  • Continuously-Updated Segmentation Data
  • Captures and stores ever-changing user preferences and location history for future messaging
  • Scheduling to control delivery
  • Works with custom datasets and external location data
  • Easy-To-Use, Web-Based Composer
  • Select from ready-to-use geofences
  • Use business rules to create segments
  • Compose messages
  • Automate campaigns
  • Automate or schedule messages
  • Save and reuse segments