Rethinking Mobile Measurement: A New Approach to Achieving Success PST

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On-Demand Webinar Recording

How are you measuring the success of your mobile app? It’s often hard to know where to start. Especially when internal stakeholders each rightly have their own interests in mobile app data.

Solving for all those needs means you need to know what to look at, why and at the right point in the customer lifecycle to positively impact results for messaging, user experience, business ROI and beyond. Let us help you meet those requirements.

This webinar is best for mobile product teams planning their initial approach to measurement but will also provide value to seasoned teams looking for a reset. We’ll discuss:

  • Why you should care about mobile app data
  • If some data is more valuable than others
  • How signals, insights and triggers can lead to results
  • Plans for data you can act on immediately