[ Mobile Engagement Best Practice Webinar #2 4/25/17 | Airship

Mobile Engagement Best Practice Webinar #2 4/25/17

Webinar Recording

Across our organization, we hear a lot of the questions that you — our audience — are asking about mobile notification best practices. How do you build a notification strategy? What goes into a push notification? What time should I send it? What is an in-app message? How should I combine my email and mobile strategies?

Good news. Between the billions of notifications we’ve sent (this year alone) and the data on how they perform, as well as the internal experts we have on mobile strategy, we have answers. Join us to hear them, and ask more of your own.

Attendees will come away with:

  • A solid understanding of the different types of notifications and where they are most effective
  • Suggestions for messages that work particularly well for common intents: educational, lifecycle, transactional, marketing, etc.
  • Specific best practices for each notification type
  • Considerations for frequency and message length
  • Easy ways to start targeting and optimizing your messaging
  • Other things to think about before hitting send

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