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Mobile Maturity Benchmarks Report

Are you ahead or behind in mobile? How does your business compare to other brands, and to your industry? The Mobile Maturity Benchmarks Report answers this question—and dozens more—with a comprehensive survey of 500 mobile executives, marketers and developers across eight industries. Get insight on:
  • Which industries lead (and which lag) in mobile sophistication? How do resources such as budget, expertise and dedicated staff influence mobile maturity?
  • How do brands measure mobile ROI, and which business goals are best achieved by mobile? (Also: Find out a dirty secret about mobile measurement.)
  • How do brands use location, user behaviors and preferences to segment their audiences and messages. How many more collect this data and fail to use it?
  • From push messaging to mobile ads, from SMS to wallet, which mobile tactics are most used, and which are considered essential?
Fill out the form at right and tell us what you’d like to receive. MMBR is more than a report. We hosted a webinar in conjunction with Forrester Research, Inc., on mobile maturity March 20th that is now available as a recording, and you can sign up to receive our series of Mobile Maturity Insights—actionable articles based on key benchmarks insights. For a quick sample of findings check out the infographic below (click to download). P.S. If you haven’t yet taken our Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment, on which the benchmark research was based, you can still use the 3-minute, 13-question tool to determine your company’s stage of mobile maturity. You’ll receive a 5-page whitepaper customized to your answers.