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Urban Airship’s new rich content delivery platform and implementation services can significantly speed up your team’s ability to engage your mobile audience with in-app messaging. The benefits are two-fold: First, our new cloud platform can deliver images to mobile users over 50 percent faster than traditional methods using proprietary, mobile-optimized content, backed by a global content delivery network. This results in a more responsive experience for consumers (1-2 second faster load times when you send rich in-app messages), and improved battery life for their phones. In addition, the new cloud platform eliminates the added burden on your organization’s web infrastructure typically required to serve rich content, and reduces the need for marketers to rely on technical teams to launch app-based mobile campaigns. Focus on managing and optimizing your messaging strategy – not how to host and deliver it.
Second, our Strategic and Technical Consulting team can help you get up and running fast with Urban Airship’s rich app pages and message centers. Our team can get you started in weeks, not months, by:
  • Building custom rich app page templates to provide branded in-app landing pages for your push notifications, like the example templates to the left
  • Connecting the templates to your existing analytics ecosystem (e.g. Google Analytics, or Omniture) so you can optimize campaign results
  • Integrating a message center into your app (both iOS and Andriod) to extend the life of your messages and reach your entire app audience (not just opt-ins)
  • Training your team to send the first rich in-app message, and ideas for future campaigns

Customized Message Templates

Message templates can be fully branded to seamlessly match your app – simply insert images and text, and hit send.
Contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of our new in-app messaging services and technology. Contact Us to get started