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MMA Passbook Webcast

MMA & Urban Airship Passbook Webcast

Mobile Marketing’s Third Wave

Urban Airship’s Joe Beninato, GM Digital Wallet, and Brent Hieggelke, Chief Marketing Officer, discuss how Passbook is the new mobile marketing imperative and how to leverage it to drive sales, boost loyalty, and increase customer engagement. This webinar will help you understand:
  • The essential new role of Passbook in the mobile marketing mix
  • How passes can bolster your existing app strategy—or offer you a conduit to your customers’ phones for the first time
  • How passes work as powerful “lightweight” apps, that can be updated in real-time
  • How to easily execute Passbook campaigns without writing code or being a developer

Right in your customer’s (digital) back pocket.

There’s never before been such an easy way for marketers to create direct relationships with their brands on consumers’ mobile devices. Traditional plastic and paper coupons, event tickets, boarding passes, store cards, etc. can now be stored as “passes” right on consumers’ phones – and kept up to date in real time with the latest offers, promotions, and expirations. Furthermore, these passes function like light-weight apps that can be highly relevant for each user, personalized with location and date/time awareness.