Mobile Brand Leader Webinar Series 9.26.13

What leading edge brands do differently in mobile

Five tools and strategies that will transform the mobile landscape in 2014 In this interactive webinar, A+E Networks, Forrester Research, Inc. and Urban Airship and took a critical look at the mobile opportunity and what disruptors are doing to seize it. The webinar covered:
  • Forrester’s view on the state of mobile in 2014
  • A+E’s journey up the mobile maturity model
  • The “crawl, walk, run” approach major brands take to developing a mobile strategy
  • Success in raising awareness and driving engagement with mobile content
  • Tools for building and retaining your audience
Join guests Noah Vadnai, Vice President of Mobile & Emerging Platforms of A+E Networks, Jennifer Wise, Analyst at Forrester and our own Brent Hieggelke, Chief Marketing Officer at Urban Airship for a panel touching on lessons from the mobile frontier. A+E Networks shared how they mobilized their brand and used user preferences to connect to their audience. People who view the webinar will learn:
  • The largest mobile trends in 2014
  • Your first steps to building and evolving your mobile relationship management strategy
  • Tips & tricks to improving your user experience through the messaging platform
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