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Best Mobile Insights

Highlights from a season’s worth of mobile insights

See 32 best practices, tips & tricks, and advanced use cases selected from our Summer of Push. All season long, we focused on how to build better mobile relationships in fun, bite-sized installments. Now that summer’s over, we’ve collected our best content into this easy-to-read digest. Your suntan might fade, but these tips will make a lasting impact on your marketing strategy. • Best Practices: We’ve seen it all—the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the good stuff. • Advanced Use Cases: Go on, think bigger. We’ll help you push the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile. • Tips & Tricks: We asked our technical experts how to use our platform more effectively. Download one or all and find out how brands are creating stronger and more vital relationships with customers through a strategic approach to Mobile Relationship Management. Summer’s over, but you can still use these ideas to make your app that much brighter.