Alexa Voice Notifications BETA


This Beta Service gives customers the ability to compose and send voice notifications via their Alexa Skill on Amazon Alexa devices.

As part of the Beta Service, customers will need to apply for the Alexa Voice Notifications developer preview through Amazon using this link. Urban Airship will configure the customer’s Urban Airship account & provide a javascript SDK for the Alexa Skill. The use of Alexa Voice Notifications requires an Alexa Skill and some development is required to integrate the Urban Airship SDK with your Alexa Skill.

It may take a few days to qualify your account and enable the service.

Term of Beta Service (“Term”):
Starts on the day that we enable the Beta Service, and terminates as set forth in Section 3 of the Urban Airship Beta Service Terms and Conditions (“beta program terms”).

Costs or charges for access and use of the Beta Service: During the term of the Beta Service, there is no charge for Customer’s use of the Beta Service. However, customer will continue to be charged for any other Urban Airship products or services customer uses either separately or in conjunction with the Beta Service.

Additional Terms and Conditions:
Urban Airship may change the Beta Service during and after the term of the Beta Service. Consequently, the functionality, features, and documentation for the Beta Service may change before the Beta Service or the Beta Service is made generally available (if at all).

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