[ Mobile Brand Leader Webinar Series 7.30.14 | Airship

Mobile Brand Leader Webinar Series 7.30.14

Mobile: The New Epicenter of Customer Engagement

Is your app helping you win the battle for screen time? Consumers have hundreds of mobile moments every day, and every retailer is scrambling to get their fair share. Your customers are hitting web and mobile-commerce sites and entering stores every day with devices in-hand, pre-shopping, show rooming, and tweeting. How are you creating mobile moments that matter to your customers, letting you deliver relevant information and get profiling data in return? Your app, the newest owned media channel, has emerged as the best way to reach customers in a timely and relevant way that helps you build a dialog. Watch the recording of our July 30 webinar featuring agency guest Chaotic Moon and Urban Airship as we explore how your app can help you address some of the biggest issues facing retailers today: • Connecting mobile to in-store visits and purchases • Personalizing customer experiences • Maximizing revenue through store, web, mobile web and app • Loyalty and downstream revenue • App adoption and usage Complete the form below to watch the webinar and receive your complimentary copy of the Retailer’s Mobile Strategy Guide, a 25-page guide that will teach you how to take advantage of mobile’s unique capabilities in retail.