[ Mobile Brand Leader Webinar Series 11.20.13 | Airship

Mobile Brand Leader Webinar Series 11.20.13

How mobile-first thinking builds and maintains a loyal audience

Mobile strategy webinar featuring AccuWeather In this recorded webinar, AccuWeather and Urban Airship dig into the secrets of success for brands that have established a strong relationship with their mobile customers. Find out how the best-loved apps win over loyal audiences and maintain their place on devices—arguably the most valuable real estate on the planet. Fill out the form to view the recording, which covers:
  • Thinking revenue from beginning to end
  • Scaling for a cross-platform audience
  • Aligning your mobile teams and roadmap to your app’s business goals
  • Building for mobile vs. traditional web and SMS
  • Crafting personalized messaging using automation and segmentation
  • How contextual relevancy influences the creation of new AccuWeather products
Join David Mitchell, Vice President of Digital Media and Product for AccuWeather, and Brent Hieggelke, CMO at Urban Airship, as they discuss what they’ve learned from years of experience working with mobile-first brands. AccuWeather shares its journey to mobile success, including how the company built a mobile audience that now dwarfs the traditional web, scaled to handle large audiences on multiple platforms, and deliver a service that does not allow for lateness or downtime.