The World Cup of App Experiences: A Great Time To Leverage the Latest Innovations in Android 13 and iOS 16

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Five billion passionate fans. One language: football. Every four years, the world’s largest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup, captivates supporters worldwide for one month. That’s an opportunity for you to build fan connection and community across sponsors and teams – all on the most valuable experience platform there is – the mobile app.

Discover how Airship can help you leverage the latest innovations in Android 13 and iOS 16 to create the ultimate fan experience – setting your brand apart and creating value in your mobile app.

You will learn:

  • How to retain the 30%+ of your at-risk fan base on Android 13
  • The art-of-the-possible leveraging Live Activities in iOS 16 to enhance fan experience
  • How FotMob was first-to-market with Live Activities, delivering live game updates to football fans worldwide