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This invitation-only beta program allows customers to be the first to use and provide feedback to Airship’s Advanced Segmentation product while under beta release.

Advanced Segmentation enables new capabilities within the Airship’s platform such as:

  • Storing user-attributes information like Flight Number, Loyalty Status, Favorite Product,  etc.
  • Using these user-attributes within the Airship’s Composer to segment and target your audience.
  • Leverage  rich operators like Equals/Does Not Equal, Contains/Does Not Contain, Less Than/Greater Than

It may take a few days to qualify your account and enable the service.

Term of Beta Service (“Term”):

It starts on the day that we enable the Beta Service, and terminates as set forth in Section 3 of the Airship Beta Service Terms and Conditions (“beta program terms”).

Costs or charges for access and use of the Beta Service:

There is no charge for participating in the Beta Service. However, the customer will continue to be charged for any other Airship products or services the customer uses either separately or in conjunction with the beta Service.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Airship may change the Beta Service during and after the term of the Beta Service. Consequently, the functionality, features, and documentation for the Beta Service may change before the Beta Service or the Beta Service is made generally available (if at all).

By opting into the Beta Service, you agree (on behalf of your organization) that Airship may use your organization’s name and logo to identify such organization as a customer of Airship on Airship’s website, and as a part of a general list of Airship’s customers for use and reference in its corporate, promotional and marketing literature. Additionally, your organization may also be considered for inclusion in an Airship press release and a mutually approved case study regarding your organization’s use of the service.

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