Pocket Guide to Good Push Notifications Travel & Hospitality

With push notifications, you can help a world of travelers plan on-the-go, before-they-go, and hey, why not say “thanks” to them after. Communicate instantly with things like trip reminders, reservation confirmations and personal deals tied to your business that keep ’em in your revenue loop. “Glad you’re back, Mr. Taylor. Hungry? Try our great little pizza joint around the corner (locals love it too).”

Get the Pocket Guide to discover:

  • Why Good PushTM is critical to mobile success
  • How to apply the 7 Rules of Good Push
  • What it takes to cut through the noise and win

Win with Good Push. Mobile is the new face of engagement and Good Push is the entry point to engaging mobile experiences. Get the Pocket Guide to Good Push and learn how to delight your customers with this amazing new communication channel.

Airship’s app experience platform enables Good Push notifications that engage consumers at the most critical points of their journey with your brand.