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The CoffeeTable app for iPad offers catalogs from retailers such as Crate & Barrel, Land’s End, Gump’s, RedEnvelope, and more. To create a personalized shopping experience, CoffeeTable enables shoppers to subscribe to updates from their favorite brands, alerting them of sales and new product releases.

“How do you let shoppers know that there’s something new unless they’re in the app? How do you keep shoppers coming back and discovering new features that they like? That, for us, is Urban Airship’s strength. It addresses and drives shopper engagement.” -Peri Kadaster, Vice President of Marketing, CoffeeTable

Using Push Composer, CoffeeTable’s marketing team personalizes messages to deliver an experience tailored to shoppers’ individual tastes. The targeted, preference-focused messaging has proven to be a valuable asset, resulting in a 100% increase in user engagement.


“Urban Airship allows my team to speak to our shoppers at their most receptive times of the day, which we determine based on its analytical reports. The push notifications open the door for users to return and see the newest styles from their favorite catalogues. We can see aggregate in-app activity as it correlates to pushes – the action is instantaneous, and so is the impact.” -Peri Kadaster, Vice President of Marketing, CoffeeTable

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